Madison’s Reflection on the Year – A Fond Farewell!

My end-of-year parting thoughts for my students…

20th Century Drama at Western University: the official blog for English 3556E, main campus

Hello everyone!

I’d just like to start by thanking Dr. Solga for all her guidance and advice in the past year. Her unwavering enthusiasm and encouragement about my participation in the course kept me going. I found myself falling in love with teaching all over again. A big shout out to Dr. Solga for making this the best TAship I’ve ever had!

Secondly, my warmest gratitude to all of you for making this experience so enjoyable for me. It was an absolute privilege and pleasure to have an overwhelming number of excellent writers and critical thinkers in a single class. Your essays and contributions to classroom discussion definitely made my last TAship the very best it could possibly be. I still feel overwhelmed by all the incredible performance workshops; I have no doubt I will remember them for years to come. I learned a great deal from all of you…

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About Madison Bettle

English PhD Candidate working towards a career in the academic world. I love Austen, Rand, and Meatloaf (the band).
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