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Grad Student Leaders, Learning, & Life

Having been acclaimed as VP Student Services for the Society of Graduate Students back in May, 2015 (and then again in September), I’ve found myself wondering if I might not be better suited for a career in Student Affairs than … Continue reading

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NAVSA 2015: The Power of Social Media – Once More with Feeling!

On November 15, 2014, I blogged about my experience with NAVSA 2014 and how social media played such a vital role (externally and internally) in making the conference such a success. Recently I returned from NAVSA 2015 which took place … Continue reading

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Madison’s Reflection on the Year – A Fond Farewell!

Originally posted on 20th Century Drama at Western University: the official blog for English 3556E, main campus:
Hello everyone! I’d just like to start by thanking Dr. Solga for all her guidance and advice in the past year. Her unwavering…

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On reaching out

Originally posted on The Activist Classroom:
Canadians know that February is, most years, the cruelest month. The snow that was pretty is now pretty dirty, road-salted and ice-encrusted; the groundhog never emerges, let alone sees shadows; and March only brings…

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Teaching the Hard Stuff

Last week, we discussed Caryl Churchill’s Far Away and her intriguing writing style. Today, we showed a version of Churchill’s “Seven Jewish Children” to our students ( in order to discuss (among other things) the idea of structure and how things are … Continue reading

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Taking a Gamble on Academia and Ourselves

Recently, I saw “The Gambler” (a remake of the 1974 film and adapted from Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s novella). I assumed, in typical Hollywood fashion, they would take out anything meaningful and replace it with an overload of casino scenes, alcohol, and … Continue reading

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“Breathing New Life” into Learning: Peer Teaching and How it Works

On Tuesday, I had the pleasure of attending a Colloquium hosted by our English Department. Dr. Jo Devereux and Anne Young, a PhD candidate in our department, presented their separate talks on “Teaching Across Class and Disciplinary Divides” (which could have easily … Continue reading

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NAVSA 2014

Beloved NAVSA2014! Be sure to also check out Dr. Bourrier’s Storify for a rehash of the conference:

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Professionalization: The Social Media Sensation

“Victorian Studies LIVES!” This exclamation is what I would begin my conference paper with, should anyone ask me to present one tomorrow at NAVSA. For those who don’t know, the North American Victorian Studies Association (NAVSA) is currently being held … Continue reading

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Committee Work: To Serve or Not to Serve

When I’m not writing my dissertation, in class, or doing my TA work, I’m in meetings. Drowning in all the meetings and tasks that ever were. Since high school, I’ve been known to join everything. I thought getting involved was … Continue reading

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