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Grad Student Leaders, Learning, & Life

Having been acclaimed as VP Student Services for the Society of Graduate Students back in May, 2015 (and then again in September), I’ve found myself wondering if I might not be better suited for a career in Student Affairs than … Continue reading

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NAVSA 2015: The Power of Social Media – Once More with Feeling!

On November 15, 2014, I blogged about my experience with NAVSA 2014 and how social media played such a vital role (externally and internally) in making the conference such a success. Recently I returned from NAVSA 2015 which took place … Continue reading

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Madison’s Reflection on the Year – A Fond Farewell!

Originally posted on 20th Century Drama at Western University: the official blog for English 3556E, main campus:
Hello everyone! I’d just like to start by thanking Dr. Solga for all her guidance and advice in the past year. Her unwavering…

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On reaching out

Originally posted on The Activist Classroom:
Canadians know that February is, most years, the cruelest month. The snow that was pretty is now pretty dirty, road-salted and ice-encrusted; the groundhog never emerges, let alone sees shadows; and March only brings…

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Teaching the Hard Stuff

Last week, we discussed Caryl Churchill’s Far Away and her intriguing writing style. Today, we showed a version of Churchill’s “Seven Jewish Children” to our students ( in order to discuss (among other things) the idea of structure and how things are … Continue reading

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Taking a Gamble on Academia and Ourselves

Recently, I saw “The Gambler” (a remake of the 1974 film and adapted from Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s novella). I assumed, in typical Hollywood fashion, they would take out anything meaningful and replace it with an overload of casino scenes, alcohol, and … Continue reading

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“Breathing New Life” into Learning: Peer Teaching and How it Works

On Tuesday, I had the pleasure of attending a Colloquium hosted by our English Department. Dr. Jo Devereux and Anne Young, a PhD candidate in our department, presented their separate talks on “Teaching Across Class and Disciplinary Divides” (which could have easily … Continue reading

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